Begin by calling the Compassionate Counseling phone number at 815.782.6870 and expressing an interest in discussing possible services. Your call should be returned within 48 hours to discuss your therapy needs.

An initial consultation is typically set up within the next week to review mental health history, set the parameters of the therapy and explain the process involved.

Often, clients will prefer to use insurance to help offset the cost of services. Any arrangement involving insurance coverage must be initiated prior to starting services, or as insurance becomes available to clients according to their needs.

You will be asked during the initial consultation to review and sign a Therapy Expectations Form as well as releases of confidential information to aid in performing case management, but only when necessary. While the signature for the Therapy Expectations Form is required in order to proceed with treatment, no releases of information will be required. This will be left solely to the discretion of the client as confidentiality is strictly adhered to within this practice as well as within the limits of the law.

Psychological Services Include:

  1. BulletAdolescent and Adult Counseling and Therapy

  2. Partners' Counseling

  3. BulletComing Out Issues

  4. BulletFamily Therapy

  5. BulletTransgender and Sexual Identity Issues

  6. BulletIntimacy and Relationship Issues

  7. BulletPsychosynthesis

  8. BulletGuided Imagery With Music

  9. BulletVoice Dialogue

REMOTE COUNSELING SESSIONS VIA TELEPHONE are available by scheduling with Dr. Wilke directly at 630.854.7030. Please use the Paypal button below to pay for your remote session.

Remote session fees are charged at the same rate as in-person sessions which is $180 per hour.

Session Prices

Session Co Pays